Campus Shower and Locker Facilities

Commuting by bicycle in Atlanta, you can’t totally avoid blazing heat, sudden downpours, or chilly mornings, so it’s always handy to know where you can take a shower and change clothes before school or work. With this in mind, we try to maintain an up-to-date inventory of shower and locker facilities around campus. Some buildings have open access facilities, while others are restricted to staff or students, so be sure to note what restrictions apply to each building.

Commuter Shower

Shower and/or locker facilities are available on campus at the following locations:
(Number in parentheses refers to the buildings number on the Emory Campus Map)

Mathematics and Science Center (1131) - No Lockers
Psychology Building (2045) - No Lockers
Woodruff Library (1980) - Lockers for students only
Goizueta Business School (1721)
Law School Building (2030) - No Showers
Williams Medical Education Building (1020) - Lockers for Med Students Only
Woodruff PEC (1400) - Members Only
FM Building F (1083) - Staff Only
Whitehead (1941) - Staff Only
Grace Rollins (1940) - RSPH staff, students, faculty only 1599 Clifton (1599)
1762 Clifton (950) - Staff Only, No Lockers
Student Activities and Academics Center (3361)- Members Only

For detailed information, including directions to shower facilities, restrictions, and contact information for each building, refer to the updated spreadsheet attached.


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