Long Term Bike Share Program

Bike Emory’s new Bike Rental Program provides a solution to those looking for a bike they can use for a semester at a time. Through the program, you can rent a Fuji bicycle (see picture below), each equipped with racks to make your ride hassle free.

Available for just:
- $95 per semester or $175 per year. ($50 online refundable deposit required; remaining charges required at pickup)
- plus $15 for a U-Lock rental (Have your own U-Lock? We’ll waive the fee! Just bring your lock with you when you pick up your bike)
- Rental rates may be discounted based on prorated rate (see rental agreement below)

Crosstown 2.0 - Example Bike
Crosstown 2.0

Current Availability (COMING SOON FOR 2017)

Size Availability

Interested in renting? Just follow these easy steps:

(1) Consult the size guide below, and check our updated rental bike availability to make sure we have your size on hand.
(2) Then, place an order for your rental bike (with an easy online payment),
(3) then print out and fill in the waiver and agreement forms.

Bike Share Agreement:


(4) After you’ve ordered the bike, Bicycle South will ensure the bike is ready to go, and arrange with you to have it delivered on campus to The Hub (formerly the Repair Center, open on Wednesdays and Fridays), where you can pick it up, or you can swing by Bicycle South to pick it up at your convenience. Make sure you bring your forms and U-Lock (unless you’re leasing one) with you when you get your bike.
(5) Start riding!
(6) After the semester is over, return the bike, or arrange to extend your rental another term!

Size Guide

For detailed instructions on how to identify the right frame size for you, visit our sizing chart page.

General Size Guide

Size Effective Top Tube Standover Height Height Range
15” 54cm 739.6mm 5’2”-5’5”
17” 55cm 765.4mm 5’4”-5’8”
19” 56cm 795.2mm 5’7”-5’11”
21” 56.5cm 831.6mm 5’10”-6’1”
23” 57.9cm 874.7mm 6’-6’5”
15” ST 54cm 678mm 5’0”-5’4”
17” ST 55cm 686.9mm 5’3”-5’7”
19” ST 56cm 692.5mm 5’6”-5’10”

Information All rentals include: Broken chain replacement (if needed), flat tire repairs, and unlimited brake, derailleur, and basic adjustments.