Maintenance Packages

We’re excited to announce our newest program with Bicycle South, a pair of all-inclusive maintenance packages! We offer a two-year plan for $120.00 and a four-year pan for $200.00.

Why would I want a maintenance plan?

If you ride your bike often, and we hope you do, your bike is going to need regular maintenance to keep it rolling smoothly. We want to make riding a bike at Emory easy and affordable. The maintenance plan will keep your bike safe, improve its performance and maximize its lifespan. It will also save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs. See below for the savings break down.

Who is eligible?

We will offer these service packages for all new bicycles sold to Emory students and Emory University/Healthcare employees through Bike Emory and Bicycle South.

We also offer the package, at a higher price, for your own bike in good condition that you bring to campus. Please contact for pricing details for used bikes (404.636.4444).

What does our 2 or 4-year Service Package include?

• Two or Four free full tuneups and unlimited adjustments for your bike (Regular Price: 2-yr $150/4-yr $300)
• Free flat repairs, including labor and extra thick upgraded tubes (Regular Price: $20 each)
• Free labor for installing brake pads (Regular Price: $8 each)
• 50% Discounted summer storage (Regular Price: $50.00). Upon pick up, your bicycle will have received a tune-up (Regular Price: $75)
Total value for the two-year plan is at least $400 and the four year plan is $800

What does our 2 or 4-year service package NOT include?

Parts: Worn out or broken parts are not covered with the exception of inner tubes.

Abuse: Tuneups and adjustments are included, but bent, worn out, and broken parts (bent wheels, broken wheel axles, bent rear derailleurs, and worn out bottom bracket bearings, etc.) will be charged at regular price for parts and labor.

Theft: The Service Package is not an insurance package and is not transferable between students. Our Service Package does not cover replacing your bicycle but we will transfer your Service Package to a new bicycle (if purchased from Bike Emory or Bicycle South), free of charge.

How does it work?

Bring your bicycle to the Campus Repair Center or Bicycle South and they’ll take care of the repairs. Once completed, you may choose to pick it up from either location.

Purchasing Plans:
New bike purchases: Simply select your bike from the BUY section of this website and select your plan when you check out.

Plans for Existing Bikes: If you already have a bike and want to purchase a plan please contact Bicycle South at 404.636.4444.

Additional Qualifications

• All bikes purchased from Bike Emory and Bicycle South qualify for the Service Package
• No department store-purchased bikes qualify for the Service Package
• New bikes brought to campus may qualify for the Service Package (at a higher price than bikes purchased from our shop) subject to inspection and approval by the Bicycle South shop manager.
• In both cases, Bicycle South reserves the right to cancel the Service Package policy at any time without reason, but will give the full refund of the Service Package price back to you even if you have used the package.