Bike Safety

What is a Bike Box?

Bike Box Example

A bike box is a marked area for bicycles at the front of intersections that allow bicyclists to position themselves in front of motorist traffic when the light is red. Motorists should stop just before the box, while cyclists ride up the lane and move over into the box, in front of the cars. Bike Boxes make cyclists at intersections more visible, reduce “right hook” crashes between cars and cyclists and allow bicyclists to wait for a light without having to breathe exhaust.

What do the bicycle symbols on Clifton Road mean?

We could tell you but our poster covers it so well. For more information on the shared lane project go here.

Shared Lane Explanation

What lock should I use to secure my bike?

Bike Emory, Emory Police and Bicycle South strongly recommend that you use a U-lock to secure your bike.


Cable locks are easy for thieves to cut and put your bike at risk. Bike Emory offers Bulldog brand u-locks at a discount through our website. To purchase our discounted u-lock please visit our buy page.

Also remember to lock your bike around the frame of your bike and not just the wheel. If you only lock your wheel thieves can simply remove your wheel and take the rest of your bike. See the picture below for an example of how to properly lock your bike with a u-lock.

Proper Locking Position

Also here is a helpful video that shows how to properly lock your bike: