What is a Bike Box?

Bike Box Example

A bike box is a marked area for bicycles at the front of intersections that allow bicyclists to position themselves in front of motorist traffic when the light is red. Motorists should stop just before the box, while cyclists ride up the lane and move over into the box, in front of the cars. Bike Boxes make cyclists at intersections more visible, reduce “right hook” crashes between cars and cyclists and allow bicyclists to wait for a light without having to breathe exhaust.

What do the bicycle symbols on Clifton Road mean?

We could tell you but our poster covers it so well. For more information on the shared lane project go here.

Shared Lane Explanation

What are Emory’s Bike Parking and Usage Regulations?

For information on Emory’s Bicycle Parking Rules and Regulations please read beginning on page 15 of Emory’s TRANSPORTATION AND PARKING HANDBOOK document.

Bike Emory works with Parking and Transportation and Campus Services to seize abandoned bikes twice a year. Bikes that appear to be abandoned will be tagged and if the tag is not removed in one week the bike will be removed and stored for thirty days. If the bike is not claimed in thirty days the bike will be donated or re-purposed. If you believe that your bike has been seized please contact Bike Emory.