Registering as a Bicycle Commuter

What are Emory’s Bike Parking and Usage Regulations?

For information on Emory’s Bicycle Parking Rules and Regulations please read beginning on page 15 of Emory’s TRANSPORTATION AND PARKING HANDBOOK document.

Bike Emory works with Parking and Transportation and Campus Services to seize abandoned bikes twice a year. Bikes that appear to be abandoned will be tagged and if the tag is not removed in one week the bike will be removed and stored for thirty days. If the bike is not claimed in thirty days the bike will be donated or re-purposed. If you believe that your bike has been seized please contact Bike Emory.

What is the Cliff Parking Permit?

If you are a Emory staff member and you want to become a full time bicycle commuter one of the incentives that you receive is an Cliff Parking Permit. This permit entitles you to 24 free parking swipes a year in select designated parking decks. You may purchase additional Cliff Permit swipes for $75 (for an additional 20 daily uses at $3.75 per day). Participants must bring their Cliff Permit to the Parking Office to make additional purchases.

Students can register as a cycling commuter and purchase an “Eagle Pass”. An “Eagle Pass” costs $75 and provide 20 swipes an academic year in an assigned parking deck.

All parking programs are managed by Emory’s Transportation and Parking Office. For more information please visit the Transportation and Parking page at

Do I have to give up my parking pass if I want to try riding a bike to work?

No. No one has to give up their parking permit to try riding a bike to work or class.