Buying a Bike

Can I test ride a bike before buying it?

In a word, YES. You can test ride out bikes at Bicycle South anytime. Bicycle South is located at 2098 North Decatur Road in Decatur, GA.

Who can buy discounted bikes and accessories?

All students, faculty and staff are eligible for our unbeatable bike and accessory discounts. To browse the products that we offer go to the BUY page.

Some discounts and incentives have limited eligibility. For more information on our offers go HERE.

Do the Discounted Bikes Come in “Women’s Frames”?

Most of the Fuji bikes offered through BIKE.EMORY.EDU come in “women’s” or step-through frames.

To see a photo of the step-through versions of our bike models (if applicable) please:

  1. Click on a bike model.

  2. Click on the yellow “Enlarge & View Colors” button.

  3. Once the photo of the bike enlarges, click the “next” link in the upper right-hand side of the photo to view all of the versions of that particular bike.

How do I know what bike is right for me?

Bike Emory offers a range of different styles of bicycles to suit the needs of the cycling community at Emory. If you are not sure what bike is right for you can visit the ”what’s my style?” section of this website or just visit Bicycle South. The pros at Bicycle South can answer all of your questions and will get you perfectly sized for your new bike.