What’s My Style?

There’s a bike out there to match any riding style these days. There are bikes made for the road, the trail, the beach, the city - bikes for fitness, for racing, for commuting, or just tooling around. There are even bikes called hybrids that can do a mix of all these things.

Here is an overview of the different types of bicycles to help you find the right one to suit your needs:

Road and Pavement Bikes
The lightweight versions are made primarily for distance and speed riding. Great for charity rides, for racing or touring. Specialty road bikes are made for the specialist in track (or velodrome), triathlon and cyclocross.

Mountain Bikes
The more heavy-duty mountain bikes come with fat, knobby tires. They are basically the equivalent of off-road vehicles—built tough and durable for riding on hard-core trails, over rocks and logs, through streams, you name it. There are basically two types:

  1. Dual-Suspension, or “Full-Suspension”, bikes help turn the trail into a road ride. Or, as the textbooks say: “Front and rear suspension absorb opposing energy so you can maintain your trajectory.” Great for gnarly off-road riding.
  2. Traditional mountain bikes are called “Hardtails.” These bikes can have a front suspension fork, but otherwise have a rigid rear end. These bikes, still equipped with heavy-duty components and knobby tires, are fast, efficient and nimble. Best used on off-road trails without too many nooks and crannies.

Hybrid Bikes
A hybrid is basically a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. Some are more suited for road with a little bit of off-road riding; some are suited for light off-road riding but are also fine on the road. And, there are many versions in between. A hybrid is usually the best choice if you’re thinking you like the solid feel of a mountain bike, with fatter tires and a straight handlebar, but you’ll mainly be riding it on the road and path.

Comfort Bikes
These bikes are designed around one thing – your comfort. The idea being, if you’re comfortable on your bike, you’ll want to ride more. Designed so you are positioned more upright and equipped with suspension forks, wide tires and cushy seats, comfort bikes make your ride smooth and relaxing.

Single Speed Bikes
Think bike messenger, or just minimalist. Single speed bikes are scaled down versions of road bikes - one gear, skinny tires, basic steel tubing. They are perfect for darting around campus or quick jaunts around town.

City/Trekking Bikes
These bikes are the ultimate get around vehicles, human-powered with fenders (for all-weather riding), a rear rack (for cargo), and a full light system (for after-hour safety). These bikes are made to be functional and dependable.

Model Category/type Description Where to ride Car equivalent
SE Monterey 21-speed City bike Flat bars give you easy, heads-up visibility and a great workout! Road or smooth bike path. Honda Civic
SE Monterey 24-speed City bike Sporty. Multiple gearing options for fitness & commuting. Road or smooth bike path. Ford Focus RS
Coming soon Comfort Bike Functionality, comfort and a smooth ride. Road, bike path, hard-packed trail. Toyota Yaris
Coming soon Trail bike Knobby tires, 29” wheels, and a suspension fork for an easy transition from road to dirt. Best on trail or off-road. Slower going on-road. Toyota CRV
Coming soon Mountain bike Functionality at a good price. Good gearing, future add-ons encouraged. Road, bike path, hard-packed trail. Toyota 4Runner