About Bike Emory

Why Not Bike?

Bike Emory, created in 2007, is the charter school of the Fuji University program and a partnership between Emory University, national partner Fuji Bikes and local partner Bicycle South.

This exclusive partnership allows Bike Emory to provide Emory cyclists with deep discounts on Fuji bicycles, exceptional bike service at the on-campus Repair Center, a Bike Share program and much more.

Bike Emory was created to reduce the barriers facing cyclists and potential cyclists in the Emory area. Whether you bike to get to work, for fitness, for fun or whatever the reason is, Bike Emory wants the Emory area to be a more enjoyable and safer place to ride a bike. Our goal is to build a great bike culture at Emory by enabling more people to travel on a bike and to do so safely.

Join our email list for updates here, and drop us a note to tell us what you think at info@bike.emory.edu.

About Fuji University

Fuji University is a new project by the Fuji Bicycles brand which aims to assist colleges and universities around the U.S. with their sustainability objectives. Together with school administrators, Fuji hopes to reduce automobile dependence and promote a healthy lifestyle of cycling and walking on and around campuses.

Visit fujibikes.com for more information about Fuji University and other bicycle-related projects.