News: Complete Streets Policy Adopted By DeKalb County

Big news! The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners has adopted a Complete Streets Policy as a part of its new Comprehensive Transportation plan.

Wide Bike Lane In DeKalb

What does this mean for bicyclists? Simply put, DeKalb now has a policy stating that “all roadway projects, both new construction and retrofit/reconstruction projects, consider incorporating bicycle, pedestrian, and transit facilities.” This is a major step towards ensuring that bicycle (and pedestrian) facilities are planned for and included in roadway projects in DeKalb County.

Bike Emory applauds the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners for adopting this plan and thanks the county transportation staff for their support.

The plan is the result of countless hours of advocacy from Bike Emory, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and the local bicycling community. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the dozens of members of the community who attended meetings and sent emails to advocate for better bicycling infrastructure. Bike Emory would also like to thank Emory Leadership for supporting our advocacy for complete streets.

The adoption of a complete streets policy is a major milestone for bicycling in DeKalb. However, the county code of ordinances must be revised in order to ensure the implementation of effective bicycle infrastructure to meet the community’s vision for complete streets. More information will be shared about this process and how you can be involved as soon as we have further details.

The Full Policy is HERE:

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