News: Summer Storage and Shipping for Your Bike Available

Want to keep your bike at Emory for the summer and avoid the hassle of getting your bike back home? Bike Emory’s partner, Bicycle South, will store your bikes over the summer for $40.00.

Bike Vault

All bikes will be securely stored and when you pick up your bike the tires will be aired, chains lubed, and frame wiped down. Bikes can be picked up from Bicycle South at any time, or delivered to the DUC at the beginning of Fall semester.

Summer bike storage with service can be purchased for an additional $25.

Interested? Drop your bike off at The HUB or at Bicycle South.

Prefer to take your bicycle home? Bike South will also pack and ship your bike for only $47, plus FedEx freight charges. Simply drop off your bike at the HUB, conveniently located in the Dobbs University Center (DUC).

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