News: New Fix-It Service Station at Rollins

Ever find yourself needing a quick bike adjustment or air but don’t have tools or a pump handy? The Rollins FixIt station is your new solution.


Emory’s first FixIt Station is conveniently available 24/7 with tools to perform basic repairs and maintenance. From changing a flat, to adjusting brakes, or simply adding some air, the FixIt is there when you need it.

The FixIt Station is located near the Rollins bike racks just past the motorcycle parking area.

All cyclists are welcome to use the FixIt whenever your bike needs a quick fix.

Special thanks to the Rollins School of Public Health for supporting this and many other projects that promote bicycling at Emory. Click on the picture below for a demonstration of FixIt’s toolset:

FixIt Station Features

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