News: Our Racks Are Packed! Help Us Get More.

Are you frustrated with full bike racks or a lack of available bike parking at your Emory destination? We are too and we need your help to fix the problem. There are two ways that you can help get more (and better) racks on a Emory:

  1. Send us a Picture: If you see a bike rack that is over flowing, snap a picture and send it to, post it to our facebook page, or send it to our twitter account @bikeemory. Don’t forget to tell us where it is and when you took it.

  2. Volunteer to Count Bikes: Next Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to be performing counts of bicycles in racks. We need a minimum of 5 volunteers for each shift (10AM and 2PM). Volunteers will be assigned to one of five campus zones and will walk (or ride) around campus and count bikes parked in racks. Overflowing racks will also be noted. To sign up for a shift go HERE.

We will compile the data that you helped gather to make a case for immediate improvements to bicycle parking access at Emory.

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