News: Spring Bike Counts 2013

ABC is calling for bike count volunteers. See below for details:

Bike Count season is back! Atlanta is a big city with people commuting from various locations. The significance of collecting bike count data is simple. Bike counts help us obtain data on the number of cyclists on our city’s streets, which serves as the backbone for a slew of policy and fund-raising work all focused on making our streets safer for cyclists.

The need: We need help in capturing data at the locations we’ve identified on this Google Map.

Each location needs at least **two people **to conduct counts one day every shift (each shift can have different people) during our 2 week bike count period from **Wednesday April 17th to Wednesday May 1st. **

Here are the steps for how you can help capture data:

  1. Check out this Google Map of important locations

  2. Check here to see what location/time slot is available.

  3. Check your schedule and see what works best for you. You can conduct counts at your preferred location(s) on any day (Monday through Saturday) from April 17th to May 1st.

  • Note: AM/PM shifts are for weekdays. Weekend shifts are available on Saturday from 12:pm - 2:00 pm.
  1. Sign up!

  2. We will send you all the necessary documents to print off (or you’re welcome to come by our office to pick up materials).

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