News: Statement from Emory Healthcare About Roadway Safety

This message went out today from Emory Healthcare’s CEO John Fox:

Dear Staff and Physicians,

This past Monday, we lost a member of the Emory family in a tragic accident. The employee was commuting to campus on his bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle on North Decatur Road. This terrible accident gives us pause to reflect on how quickly our daily routine can change, and how we need to appreciate our friends and colleagues each and every day. It is also an opportunity for us to re-examine our commute habits and the respect we give to those with whom we share the road.

Cycling is a great and popular way to exercise. It is also a great commute alternative, as it reduces traffic congestion and pollution, helps with parking issues and provides excellent health benefits. In our academic setting on the Emory campus, there are many employees, physicians and students who choose to commute by bike. These bike commuters share the road with the many vehicles on the Clifton Corridor, as well as the multitude of pedestrians going to and from class or traveling between our facilities. These pedestrians and cyclists trust that the drivers are aware of their presence and will be respectful. Therefore, as car commuters, it is our responsibility to respect these individuals and ensure they are safe on their commute, as well. We must be aware of those around us and not distracted by the tasks many of us occupy ourselves with in the car, such as talking on the phone. This is our community, and we must do all we can to keep the members of our community safe.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family members of this employee. Let’s all band together in an effort to keep our community safe and prevent any such accident from occurring again.

John Fox President and CEO Emory Healthcare 1440 Clifton Rd., NE, Suite 309 Atlanta, GA 30322

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