News: Atlanta a Bike City?

Think you have seen more people riding bikes to work lately? Well it’s not just your imagination.

I Bike Atl

According to new census data released in a preview this week, residents of the city of Atlanta who used a bike as their primary means for commuting to work in 2009 is up 111% over 2008. Atlanta is now ranked 22nd in bicycle commute share out of the 70 largest cities.

To put these numbers in perspective, Atlanta now ranks higher in bicycle commute share than New York City, Austin, Long Beach and Colorado Springs.

See below for the data on the city of Atlanta and go here for the full rankings of the top 70 cities.

City of Atlanta Data:

  • City: Atlanta, GA

  • Rank by Population: 38

  • Rank by Bike (2009): 22

  • Rank by Bike (2008): 39

  • Percent Change Bicycle Commuting (2008-2009): 111%

  • Share of Bike Commuters (2009): 1.08%

  • Share of Bike Commuters (2008): 0.51%

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