News: New Cycling Infrastructure a Possibility for Clifton Road

Sharrow Example

Bike Emory is exploring opportunities for a pilot roll-out of sharrows for Clifton Road between North Decatur and Briarcliff Roads. What are Sharrows? Sharrows (combination of the words “shared lane” and arrow) are shared-lane markings that look like the photo on the right.

Sharrows are becoming a very popular form of bicycle safety infrastructure especially in areas where adding bike lanes is not feasible. One of the goals of adding sharrows to roads is to send a clear message to cyclists and motorists that bicycles belong on roads and that traffic lanes should be shared. Sharrows improve safety by encouraging cyclists to ride in the safest position on the road.

Feedback Needed

Test Sharrow

Recently Bike Emory met with DeKalb County transportation officials to mark the spacing for the proposed sharrow project. A photo of the test marking on Clifton Road is to the right.

Bike Emory needs feedback from cyclists on the test markings so that we can pass this information back to the DeKalb County planners. Specifically we need cyclists to ride the segment and provide feedback on:

  • The spacing between sharrows

  • The placement of the sharrows relative to intersections, road hazards, curb cuts, curves, hills, etc.

  • The placement of the sharrows within the lane. Note that the test markings were sprayed close to the curb to protect the sprayers (we walked the corridor with road paint).

  • The materials used for the sharrows. Paint is flat, less expensive but wears out quickly. Thermoplastic is very slightly raised, more expensive but lasts much longer. Thermoplastic striping is used for crosswalks and stop lines throughout the Clifton Road corridor.

Please send your feedback directly to Jamie Smith at by no later than Monday Monday, May 2.

This will be the first sharrow project implemented in DeKalb County. Sharrows are already in use in the cities of Atlanta, Athens and Roswell.

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