News: 5 Minutes of Your Time Needed to Make a Difference for Cyclists!

Bicycling improvement projects could be left out of the new state transportation bills that are being considered right now at Georgia’s General Assembly. The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign (ABC) has made it very easy for you to contact your state representatives to ask that bicycle transportation projects be included.

Read more below from ABC:

Many of you have heard that Georgia’s General Assembly is considering several bills that would create new funding sources for transportation projects in the state. Have you asked yourself what these bills would mean for bicycle transportation projects?

ABC has been asking that since last year through our membership in the Get Georgia Moving coalition. The answer so far is, a) no one is sure b) maybe c) who knows? or d) nothing. And that’s not good enough.

There are competing bills in the Georgia House and Senate, neither of which will help fund the infrastructure Georgia needs to crawl out of the bicycle-unfriendly basement of the nation (see “Georgia ranked 49th for bicycle friendliness”).

The Senate bill, which most sustainable transportation advocates believe to be our best bet for getting real improvements in this state currently defines transportation projects or purposes as

“without limitation, roads and bridges, freight and passenger rail, airports, public transit, buses, seaports, and all activities and structures useful and incident to providing, operating, and maintaining the same; provided, however, that ‘transportation project’ or ‘transportation purpose’ shall not include projects which are inconsistent with any state-wide strategic transportation plan adopted by the General Assembly.”

We are working to get this language altered slightly to allow local governments to spend their portion of the sales tax revenue on** bicycle transportation projects**.

Please take five minutes to contact your state senator and representatives. I’ll make that as easy as possible below.


Support funding for bicycle transportation purposes. Whatever bill is passed should allow local government to spend its sales tax revenue according to local priorities, including bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Now that transit funding is finally getting the attention it deserves, we are ready for a new approach that understands bicycles can be an extremely cost-effective form of transportation that complements other modes.

Here are the bills:

To find your representatives, go to - simply enter your zip code+4 (here to find your zip code+4).

Transportation committee members are especially important to contact - click here to see if you are represented on either the House Transportation Committee or Senate Transportation Committee.

Check our website,, for updates.

Thanks for your help with this!

Rebecca Serna Atlanta Bicycle Campaign

P.S. Stay tuned - we’ll likely need your help again at the national level to preserve bicycle funding in the stimulus bill.

Talking Points: - Bicycle commutes save the public $0.13/mile in congestion and pollution costs over auto commutes.

  • The southern bicycling economy contributes $11.3 billion to the regional economy, supports 135,000 jobs across the region, generates more than $1.6 billion in annual state and federal tax revenues, and produces nearly $9.6 billion annually in retail sales, $1.4 billion in bicycling gear sales and $8.2 billion in bicycling trip-related expenditures.

  • The South Atlantic is home to more than 10 million bicyclists: 25% of the adult population.

For more talking points, visit our Fact Sheet

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