News: New Class: Lubes and Tubes!

Bicycle South Tubes and Lubes Classes begin on November 17th and will be offered every Monday and Wednesday!

Who- The class is open to everyone. Class fee is $15.00, which will be waived for anyone who has purchased a bicycle from Bicycle South. There is also a $15.00 materials fee. This fee enables all attendees to receive a spare tube, glueless patch kit, tire levers, bottle of lube, and a Citra-Wipe (about $19.00 worth of product at retail). Total cost to participate is $30.00 for someone who has not purchased a bicycle from Bicycle South.

What- Learn to diagnose a flat tire, and how to patch and change an innertube. We’ll also go over lubrication of the chain and cables, basic barrel adjustments (brakes and derailleurs), and general maintenance.

When- The class will initially be offered every Monday and Thursday at 7:30 pm, and will last about 90 minutes. Class sizes will be limited to 6 people. If less than 4 people have signed up (24 hours before a class), we will reschedule.

Where- At Bicycle South. Please bring your bike (or at least write down what size tire and valve you have).

How- To register, drop by the shop to schedule your class and leave a deposit ($15 for people who have purchased a bicycle from Bike Emory and/or Bicycle South, $30 for others). Remember that your fee includes the tools, tube, lube, and knowledge needed to keep your bike rolling smoothly!

Editors Note: Beginning in February 2008 class will be taught twice a month. Contact Bicycle South for details at 404.636.4444

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