Cyclopedia: Trailers and Baby Seats

There are two ways to have your children accompany you on your bicycle ride. The traditional way is the infant seat that is either attached to the back of your bicycle behind your seat or mounted to your top tube (so the child sits in front of you). Generally, these seats accommodate children up to 40 lbs, although some may vary so be sure to check your particular seat. The negative of both of these designs is that if you fall, your child will also fall.

A safer way to travel with your young child is by using a trailer. With a trailer, if you fall, the trailer stays upright. Trailers come in many configurations, can hold up to 2 children and offer adjustable seats to fit children of different sizes. Most trailers fold down quickly for easy transport in your car and many companies also provide an attachment for trailers that can convert them into a stroller, making them multi-functional.

Whichever method you choose, your child should always wear a helmet when riding in a baby seat or trailer. It is generally a good idea for both you and your child to become familiar with both products before departing on a long ride.

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